Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Die Antwoord - Fok Julie Naaiers

I realize the redundancy of me posting this video a few days after it was released on sterogum, but hey, just because a major music blog posts a video by a rap group that has 10 million+ youtube hits, doesn't mean I can't post their new video right?

Anyways, this new video by them seems to be one of their darker videos and also one of their darker songs. I believe that "Fok Julie Naaiers" itself means "Fuck you Fuckers" (if we can trust vimeo comments, which I believe are a level above youtube comments), and the beat itself is somewhat an indicative of the title. The song is menacing and accompanying that we see Ninja giving us looming glares while Yolandi Visser gives us smirks while singing into the camera wearing various Kawaii Japanese onesies. Oh, I should probably mention how they both have various insects on their faces throughout the video.

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